Signature Chocolate Cakes


Deep Dark Classic   P685

The Original Chocolat Classic Deep Dark and Moist Chocolate Cake generously draped with satin fudge frosting.

choc deathbyT3.jpg

Death by Tablea  P875 

Chocolate cake with bittersweet icing made of Mindanao-grown cacao and condensed milk.

Signature Hazelnut.PNG

Hazelnut  P815

Dense chocolate cake topped with chocolate strings and hazelnut treat.

Signature Bailey's.PNG

Bailey's  P725

Classic chocolate cake soaked in Bailey's Irish Cream liqueur topped with chocolate sprinkles


Chocolate Caramel P815

Perfectly moist and dense chocolate cake lined with strings of rich caramel buttercream


Cake Dimensions

Cake size  9 inch diameter and 2 inches thick

Average Cake Weight 1940 grams / 1.9 kg.