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Rectangular Cakes  9" x 13" 

Party-sized cakes good for 24 persons
These cakes are ordered in advance -  50% downpayment  /
  3 days lead time required

Cake Dimensions: Size - L13 x W9 x H2.5 inches
                         Weight - 3.9 kgs.

Classic  P1600  

19 classic.JPG

Chocolate Carrot or with Cream Cheese P2300   

19 choco carrot.JPG

Choco Hazelnut or Caramel  P2090

choco hazelnut.JPG

Death by Tablea P2185

dbt 9 x 13.jpeg

Bailey's    P1820

19 baileys2.JPG

Red Velvet P2300

red velvet 19 inch.jpg
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