Specialty Cakes

Chocolate Carrot Cake  P965

Dense cake made with fresh carrots frosted with bittersweet chocolate ganache

Sig Choco carrot.PNG

Red Velvet Cake  P965

Soft red butter cake with cream cheese frosting

Sig Red Velvet.PNG

Chocolate Carrot Cake
with Cream Cheese frosting

Dense cake made with fresh carrots frosted with cream cheese

Sig Choco carrot 2.PNG

New York Cheesecake P1320

Melt-in-your mouth baked cheesecake with graham crust

N.Y. Cheesecake.jpg

Tiramisu (8 inch) P965

Delicate layers of cream cheese and home-made ladyfingers soaked in espresso and rhum

Tira 3.jpg

Tablea Cheesecake  P1540

Baked cheesecake with tablea and graham crust

Tablea Cheesecake.jpg

Blueberry Cheesecake P1540

  • Baked cheesecake topped with thick and chunky blueberry filling



A party without a cake is just a meeting.

                                              Julia Child

choco bkground.jpg

Banana Walnut Cake P455

Homely and wholesome cake, light and moist with the natural sweetness of ripe lakatan bananas and the warm toastiness of walnuts.

Banana Walnut Cake.jpg