Brownies and Bars

Fudge Walnut  Brownies

  • Super moist, rich and dense fudge brownie recipe with lots of walnuts. Very chocolatey!

Whole Box 16 pcs.    P420

Half-Box       8 pcs.      240


Fudge Walnut Brownie.jpg

Lemon Bar

The sweet, buttery soft shortbread cookie crust and the luscious creamy filling with a zesty lemon flavor give these Lemon Bars the perfect balance between sweet and sour.

Whole Box 16 pcs.   P420

Half Box .     8 pcs.      240

sig lemon bar.PNG

Revel Bar

  • Chocolat Revel Bars - a chewy crunchy dessert / snack made with oats, nuts, chocolates and condensed milk.

Whole Box  16 pcs     P420

Half-Box        8 pcs .     240

Revel Bars.jpg